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Use Streamline Health Business Analytics to:

Work Your Revenue Cycle Smarter

Whether you’re running a standalone community hospital or large IDN with dozens of facilities, optimizing your revenue cycle and overall financial performance is a daunting challenge. In addition to the standard operational issues, key information often resides in different data systems, making it hard to extract actionable insight on key performance metrics, threats to cash flow and opportunities for improvement.

Streamline Health Business Analytics eliminates these barriers to success. By aggregating data across multiple systems— clinical and financial— into one web-based solution, you gain the insight to assess, manage and optimize your organization’s financial performance.

Streamline Health HIT and HIM software solutions for revenue cycle optimization

Robust Features to Drive Results

Support All Lines of Business

Your enterprise may include inpatient, outpatient and ambulatory offerings. With Streamline Health Business Analytics, you can leverage data from all business lines, enabling actionable business intelligence across your enterprise. Using this insight, you can drive organization-wide financial improvements.

Delivering the Results You Need

  • Instant access to performance metrics across the enterprise
  • Customizable dashboards with KPIs crucial to you
  • Flexible alerts to help monitor performance levels
  • Robust reporting to identify issues and opportunities
Streamline Health HIT and HIM software solutions for revenue cycle optimization

Work Your Revenue Cycle Smarter

Allows Users to Spend More Time Solving Problems and Less Time Searching for Data

Streamline Health® Business Analytics provides a fully-customizable dashboard which allows users to trend metrics, set targets and define alerts for a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs) across multiple departments, vendors and/or payers to address their specific business needs.

Extensive Reporting

Streamline Health® Business Analytics includes extensive pre-defined report templates and allows for unlimited ad hoc custom report creation. It also easily integrates with Streamline Health’s Denials Management module, giving you an advanced root cause denial reporting and analysis solution.

Quality is the New Revenue

Learn how Streamline Health Business Analytics can Optimize Your Revenue Cycle
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