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Streamline Health Physician Query delivers:

Queries Made Easy

Streamline Health Physician Query automates the physician query process and enhances your documentation improvement initiatives. With Physician Query, HIM users can quickly and easily generate a query and receive a response from the doctor, including the appropriate documentation. The software provides powerful reporting tools to track and measure the effectiveness of your query process. Physician Query is available either as a standalone product or integrated with Streamline Health Abstracting.

Streamline Health Physician Query delivers:

Optional Query Templates

Physician Query can use the FairCode Template Library of OIG-compliant query templates, which includes thousands of MS-DRG queries written to adhere to AHIMA guidelines.

Delivering the Results You Need:

  • Increased staff productivity
  • Accelerated query responses
  • Greater documentation quality
  • Increased revenue

Robust reporting to increase documentation quality and revenue capture

Streamline Health Physician Query includes the management tools you need to track and measure the effectiveness of the query process. As you complete queries, the software stores information in the database, allowing you to produce a broad range of management reports. These include:

  • CMI Impact
  • Physician Query Summary by Service
  • Top 10 DRGs Queried
  • Physician Query Monthly Reports
    • Summary of Queries Sent
    • Response Times
    • Financial Impact

Quality is the New Revenue™

Learn how Streamline Health Physician Query can improve your documentation and coding results.
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