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Increase Documentation Accuracy

Having complete and accurate medical documentation is crucial to supporting good patient health as well as a healthy revenue cycle.  Streamline Health® CDI  provides automated workflows, integrated Physician Queries and robust reporting that enables better productivity to increase documentation quality and optimize revenue capture. Streamline Health CDI services are available for those looking for expert guidance to further optimize documentation quality.

Streamline Health® Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI)
Streamline Health® Physician Query
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Improve Coding Efficiency

While care delivery is the heart of a provider organization, coding is its financial lifeblood. By translating patient encounters—and all supporting documentation— into billable data, it not only helps ensure you’re appropriately reimbursed; it further documents the quality of care delivered. But coding is fraught with challenges. That’s why its crucial to have experienced support and powerful innovation to help you optimize your coding efforts. Streamline Health provides the ideal balance of experienced service and innovative technology to help confirm compliance and optimize revenue.

Streamline Health® Abstracting
Streamline Health® Coding Audit Services
Streamline Health® CORE
Streamline Health® eValuator

Increase Revenue Certainty

Now more than ever, it’s crucial for providers to know they’re billing correctly for services rendered. Having confidence in your coding processes is key: if you code too aggressively, you expose your organization to audits and potential penalties. If you’re too conservative and undercode, you hinder financial performance and quality ratings. Achieving the best balance in your coding operations requires an experienced approach backed by technology to optimize productivity and results. Streamline Health provides robust solutions and technology-enabled services to help your organization confirm compliance and optimize revenues to fund your mission.

Streamline Health® Coding Audit Services
Streamline Health® CORE™
Streamline Health® eValuator™
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Decrease Compliance Risk

Maintaining revenue compliance has always been challenging, and the resumption of RAC audits will only make it moreso. Coding programs need expert guidance in how to effectively optimize revenue capture without increasing exposure to audits and penalties. Streamline Health provides expert audit services, reinforced by innovative technology, to enable your organization to optimize reimbursements while maintaining revenue integrity.

Streamline Health® Coding Audit Services
Streamline Health® CORE
Streamline Health® eValuator

Decrease Denials

Denials disrupt your organization on many levels. Every day that a claim goes unpaid, your cash flow is hampered and overall financial performance suffers. Re-works and appeals consume additional time and resources, while days in AR continue to climb. Many variables influence the likelihood of a claim being denied, and Streamline Health delivers the innovative technology and insightful services to help ensure claims are successfully submitted for timely reimbursement.

Streamline Health® Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI)
Streamline Health® Coding Audit Services
Streamline Health® CORE™
Streamline Health® eValuator™
Streamline Health® Denials Management
Quality is the New Revenue™


Compile and route the necessary data to support accurate coding across the enterprise

Streamline Health delivers the tools and reporting to organize content for coding.

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Confirming clinical data prior to coding helps ensure accurate reimbursements and quality ratings

Streamline Health offers CDI solutions and Services to optimize your documentation.

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Converting clinical data into accurate coding is a complex, ever evolving challenge.

Coding is the foundation of your organization’s financial performance. Streamline Health supports accurate, efficient coding across the enterprise.

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Ensuring coding accuracy is crucial to compliant revenue and risk avoidance.

Inaccurate coding exposes you to revenue leakage and compliance issues. Streamline Health has multiple solutions and services to drive revenue integrity.

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Reviewing and improving coding processes is an ongoing requirement of optimized financial performance.

Market conditions and regulations constantly change; by reviewing performance and adjusting to these changes, you can maintain optimized revenue.

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Transform Revenue Cycles to Revenue Streams

Healthcare IT Industry Challenges and Insights

Transitioning to Value-Based Care, Healthcare Business Intelligence, Revenue Integrity. Connect with Streamline Health!

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As industry regulations push organizations to provide better care and keep more accurate documentation, workloads will increase - unless organizations delegate menial tasks to automated systems.

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Streamline the Middle of Your Revenue Cycle

Our integrated solutions, technology-enabled services and analytics help providers manage their mid revenue cycle processes, from charge capture to final bill drop, to optimize revenue integrity and reimbursements in a value-based world.
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