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With our unique combination of health information technology solutions providers have a smarter way to communicate between disparate departments and information systems helping to improve processes, boost productivity, and optimize clinical, administrative and financial performance.


Though many healthcare facilities have a vast amount of valuable information, it is often confined by the limitations presented by standalone data systems that are not easily accessed or shared. Our OpportunityAnyWare suite of business analytics solutions helps you turn data into actionable, real-time decisions.

OpportunityAnyWare is a user-friendly, Web-based solution that aggregates data from disparate systems and provides healthcare facilities with analytics, which produce a real-time snapshot of their financial, operational and clinical performance through instant access to all current, historical and transaction-level data. With OpportunityAnyWare, organizations can collaborate across departments, develop and jump-start action plans, and instantly capitalize on high-impact opportunity areas.


AccessAnyWare alleviates the burden of document management within the health information management department by keeping patient data and documents online and secure to facilitate transactions and processes automatically from one user to the next. The knowledge gained from our solutions brings greater understanding and clarity that will guide you to smarter decisions resulting in better outcomes.


Collabra from Streamline Health offers computer assisted coding (CAC), clinical documentation improvement (CDI), physician query and abstracting - all in one solution - allowing CDI staff and coders to work together. By enabling CDI staff and coders to share patient data, the suite of solutions provides easy access to concurrent query information and allows them to review the final coding on a case to compare it to concurrent documentation improvement efforts. In addition to integrated CAC, Collabra offers integrated CDI processing, ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding capability, and powerful reporting features.

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