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Healthcare Business Analytics Solution

OpportunityAnyWare is a user-friendly, Web-based healthcare business analytics solution that aggregates data from disparate systems and provides healthcare facilities with analytics, which produce a real-time snapshot of their financial, operational and clinical performance through instant access to all current, historical and transaction-level data. With OpportunityAnyWare, organizations can collaborate across departments, develop and jump-start action plans, and instantly capitalize on high-impact opportunity areas.

What is OpportunityAnyWare™ ?

Make vital healthcare data actionable with OpportunityAnyWare healthcare business analytics. Compare current and historical financial, operational and clinical data.

Drive performance, ownership and accountability through consistent and reliable data. With OpportunityAnyWare, users across multiple departments can easily perform advanced data mining and opportunity analysis from any computer with internet access. They can filter and isolate information down to transaction-level, send instant alerts to a variety of mobile devices, save and share data online, and export reports directly to external programs such as Microsoft Excel.

How can OpportunityAnyWare™ help?

OpportunityAnyWare provides a fully-customizable dashboard which allows users to trend metrics, set targets and define alerts for a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs) across multiple departments, vendors and/or payers to address their specific business needs. OpportunityAnyWare allows users to spend more time solving problems and less time searching for data!

What are the features?

OpportunityAnyWare includes extensive pre-defined report templates and allows for unlimited ad hoc custom report creation. OpportunityAnyWare easily integrates with Streamline Health’s 835DenialWare module, giving each client an advanced root cause denial reporting and analysis solution.

OpportunityAnyWare Info Sheet

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