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Folder View

Document Management Solution, Part of the AccessAnyWare suite.

What is Folder View?

Folder View allows hospitals to turn paper into progress by improving the management of documents from virtually any department across the enterprise, from human resources to accounts payable and more. Folder View’s flexible architecture enables secure, searchable storage of almost any file type for documents (doc, pdf, xls, txt, etc.).

How can Folder View help?

Because each department can structure the system to specifically meet their requirements, Folder View lets users customize searchable index values. The solution brings healthcare enterprises closer to eliminating paper-based filing systems while meeting the needs of each non-clinical department.

What are the features of Folder View?

  • Eases the burden of support and maintenance for an IT group by offering a single solution from one vendor for all document management needs
  • Integrates seamlessly with other existing systems
  • Supports automated file structure generation and index value population with interfaced systems
  • Frees up valuable space by eliminating filing cabinet storage
  • Includes standard reports that monitor folder and document access and modifications

Folder View Info Sheet

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