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Chart Completion Solution, Part of the AccessAnyWare suite.

What is CompletionWare?

Better inputs make better outcomes. This is especially true for patient charts, where timeliness, accuracy and completeness of information are essential. CompletionWare automates the processes for record analysis and clinician chart completion, including e-signatures, document editing and annotating. It speeds the chart completion process, reduces the number of days to final bill through user-defined parameters.

How can CompletionWare help?

CompletionWare provides the ability for physicians to remotely access charts to obtain pertinent patient information, thereby improving patient care decisions through easily accessible health information. Secured access to this information is available to multiple physicians at the same time, allowing the solution to meet The Joint Commission and other requirements. For resident and attending physicians in teaching institutions, CompletionWare offers access to documents, allowing residents to complete documents and attending physicians to provide guidance and final sign-off.

What are the features of CompletionWare?

In addition to streamlining the process to collect information and extract answers, CompletionWare provides the following benefits:

  • Link documents with existing information systems to streamline information and drive tangible results
  • EMR system integration with a single inbox for physicians to utilize single sign-on
  • User-friendly interface for quick completion of online deficiencies and identification of “incomplete and deficient” records from physician inboxes
  • Flexible, custom aging rules for deficiencies and completion letters to physicians

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