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Streamline Health supports revenue cycle optimization for healthcare enterprises. Our Looking Glass platform of integrated solutions and analytics enables providers to drive reimbursement in a value-based world.

Revenue cycle optimization solutions for healthcare

Solutions that help the patient and care team prepare required documentation, schedule necessary appointments, and make financial arrangements prior to service. These are critical steps in the care continuum that have significant effect on the clinical outcomes and the ability for a healthcare provider to collect on the back end.

Revenue cycle optimization solutions for healthcare

Solutions starting with pre-appointment activities and moving through to resource management for surgery, even identifying optimal treatment plans to achieve the best possible outcomes. Our clinical analytics technology helps treat individual patients based on historical medical, demographic and socioeconomic information for groups of similar patients, or cohorts.

Revenue cycle optimization solutions for healthcare

Solutions that improve processes for patient documentation and facilitate the secure transfer of medical information throughout the enterprise. The health information management, coding and clinical documentation improvement functions within an organization must be in constant communication in order to ensure maximum quality and efficiency. Our solutions break down the silos that exist within a healthcare organization.

Revenue cycle optimization solutions for healthcare

Solutions that increase cash flow by recognizing areas for revenue cycle optimization, process improvement and rationalizing existing revenue cycle workflows. Business analytics enable transformational, data-driven improvement by empowering healthcare providers to transition from data collectors to knowledge managers.


The 2015/2016 Best In KLAS report has been released and Streamline Health is proud to announce that its Looking Glass® Enterprise Scheduling & Resource Management solution was named Category Leader for the 13th year in a row.



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Revenue cycle optimization solutions for healthcare